Making it work. Then making it work better.

I used to be the shy, quiet kid in college, but my experience took a turn for the better during my sophomore year. I fell in love and decided to take a class with my now-wife, which sparked a journey out of my shell and into a career that I am passionate about. The program instilled the mindset of making something work, then making it work better. It’s my personal definition of innovation and how I approach life.

By day, I work to expand the story of the built environment at Applied Software, Graitec Group. I study the latest trends in architecture, construction, engineering, and manufacturing, and use my insights to produce the award-winning Bridging the Gap Podcast. Through my interviews with industry experts, I have built and scaled a global content marketing powerhouse.

Outside of work, you can find me and my wife experimenting in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and techniques like air frying, pressure cooking, and sous vide (although baking is still a bit of a struggle for me). I love grilling in the summer and around May, my mantra becomes “provide the grill and I will bring the meat and veggies.”

We have some furry friends too – a food vacuum and retired racing greyhound named Pete and a fluffy half-baked loaf of bread named Heidi.