Editing & Production

For an in-depth look at podcasting, see the Bridging the Gap case study.

Results: Video Marketing Program of the Year Award 2021 (Vidyard), Best Construction Podcast of 2020 Award (ConstructionJunkie), Marketing Innovation Award (Autodesk).

Laundry list:

  • A/V editing and production for Bridging the Gap Podcast, AEC Disruptors Podcast, Forging Manufacturing Podcast.
  • Guest edited episode of Simply Complex podcast.
  • Corporate and technical video editing for Graitec Group, Applied Software, and EVOLVE.

For the flashier stuff I work with a vendor (it’s hard to say vendor because Dan and his team at Meticulous Image are rockstars and great friends). I get to take a step back and take a more strategic role in making videos way beyond my skill level.

A few of my favorites that I’ve helped produce: