SEO & Website

Role: SEO strategy, website PM, website admin


Results: $14.03MM influenced revenue. 33% YoY organic search impressions. 3 top spots & featured snippets.

featured snippet

Insight: 90% of blog views came from top 10 blogs, all technical how-to’s.

Action: Build up blog base of most searched and trending topics.

Insight: Web trends were changing to favor mobile and other usability metrics.

Action: Oversaw top-down redesign with UX in mind.

Insight: Search results deemphasized the notion of keywords.

Action: organized content into topic clusters.


Role: PM for major redesign, web environment admin.


The Redesign

Successfully managed and oversaw a comprehensive redesign of a major website, resulting in a significant improvement in user experience and engagement scores. This included leading a cross-functional team, coordinating with various vendors, and implementing data-driven design decisions that led to a 65% increase in conversion rates.

Web Administration

Managed the backend and uptime of our website environment. Scaled from 1 environment to 12 interlinked websites, including ecommerce. Managed over 60 wordpress users.