Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing, Content, Marketing Automation

How do I approach a marketing strategy? I use the principles of inbound marketing to create content that is valuable to current and prospective customers. A content marketing program needs a robust backend of analysis, reporting, SEO and A/B testing to prove its worth and keep the engine running at full speed. We are in the age of on-demand media, so content must be available through any format at any time: podcasting, video, webinar, blog, ads and more all work to seamlessly send the same message to the right audiences at the right time.

Almost a decade ago, a mentor suggested I look into an Inbound Marketing certificate. After completing HubSpot’s certification, I’ve used the software and more importantly the inbound marketing methodology ever since.

Inbound is all about making a connection with potential customers through content that actually has value. Surprise and delight and all that stuff.

After working at an HR startup and marketing agency, I spent the next four years going from “hey, we have this marketing automation software, can you help us figure out how to use it” to being acquired by a global brand and scaling content marketing to 14 different languages.

Case Studies