When not podcasting at work, I enjoy a life full of travel, love, friends, food, family, fitness and faith. Growing up near Chattanooga gave me a deep appreciation for nature and spending time outdoors. Growing up near Rock City gave me a since of whimsy and creativity that I carry with me to this day.

An introvert at heart, I often lean on my incredible group of friends to initiate a get together – but I’ll bring energy, fun, and probably won’t say no to a crazy idea.

Speaking of energy, I love to put mine towards a delicious or interesting meal. I will say more than once on this page that sandwiches are underrated. I have a deep respect for people that can bake, but that level of precision will always elude me. I love the flexibility and experimentation that cooking affords. Though maybe it’s just because I keep letting bread yeast go bad.

Huck, who will make an appearance in Fluff was my dog growing up. He’s still kicking with my mom in Tennessee. He is the perfect dog in every respect. Never liked blankets, coats, or anything resembling clothing though. I thought was dumb to dress up your dog. Then came Heidi.

I’ve never seen anything more pitiful than Heidi’s bony sighound frame shivering on a windy 50 degree day. She will never wear the same outfit twice.

Below is a highlight reel of important people, ideas, and places in my life. While it doesn’t cover everything or everyone, I hope you too can feel the joy of inviting interesting stories and experiences into your life.

Friends & Family

From running in the mountains of Scotland to cyberpunk photoshoots in secret warehouses, I’ve had some incredible adventures with great groups of friends. Never once drained my energy. The introverts will understand how rare this is.

With a hub in Atlanta and spread out across the US, we have a tight-knit family that feels in their bones how important it is to gather at least once a year.


I always thought putting clothes on dogs was dumb. Then I saw Heidi shiver one winter. She will never wear the same outfit twice.

Pete, aka Ballymore Pete was racing on the tracks in Ireland on 2-22-22 (seriously). Now he’s retired at the ripe old age of 2. He lost both races, but also got second in both. Soft and good.


I make better ribs than you.
Sous Vide salmon or bust.
You too can make a mean curry.
Sandwiches are underrated.
Still working up the courage to ask for DIY sashshimi at the local market.


Half marathoner
Retired Mud Runner
Ultra Pacer

Faith & Organizations

Organizations I’m involved in, financially support, or just want to be a walking sandwich-board for.


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The People I Love
Margarita Pie Instant Pot Ribs Salmon Burgers
Faith & Organizations