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  • Faith & Organizations

    Faith & Organizations

    Organizations I’m involved in, financially support, or just want to be a walking sandwich-board for. These groups made me who I am and have played an important part in my adult life.

  • Fitness


    Next time someone wants to sign you up for a race, say yes! Or at least tag along to your crazy friend’s ultra-marathons.

  • Salmon Burgers

    Salmon Burgers

    Salmon is the best meat. Burgers are the best way to eat meat. This will work out nicely. Salmon is a perfect non-blank flavorful slate to try out your favorite burger seasonings on.

  • Instant Pot Ribs

    Instant Pot Ribs

    This recipe secured me a career in marketing and construction technology.

  • Margarita Pie

    Margarita Pie

    The margarita pie is a Bon Appetit recipe that kicked off my love for cooking and set the stage for one of the most memorable trips of my marriage.

  • Fluff


    A handful of the dogs that mean the most to me and our family. Heidi, Pete, Huck, Sparky.

  • The People I Love

    The People I Love

    A quick breeze through of some of the friends and family members that mean the most to me.