Instant Pot  Ribs

The recipe that secured me a career in marketing and construction tech.

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Recipes I know by Heart

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01 Frozen Margarita Pie

02 Instant Pot Ribs

03 Salmon Burgers

I don't own the first 2 recipes, I just believe in having crazy easy and delicious favorites. I do claim the third one, though.

Prep Time: 10 Min

1 rack of ribs 1 cup apple juice Your favorite rib rub (something with a little sweetness in it.) Your favorite BBQ sauce. (Sweet Baby Rays is my choice)

Ready In: 45 min 


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During another website redesign existential crisis much like this one, I experimented with some different rib recipes and my new instant pot. I quickly found a favorite...

Steps 1-2

Take off the membrane! Your ribs will be much more tender if you do. Grab it with a paper towel and pull down the length of the ribs. Pat dry and liberally coat both sides with your favorite rub.

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I forgot I added my rib wizardry to my resume until someone asked about it in an interview. It turns out...

Step 3

Pour apple juice into Instant Pot or pressure cooker. Turn ribs on side and fold around the pot. You can fit 2 racks in there. Use one of those metal risers in the picture if you have one.

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It turns out that the company I was interviewing for had a side hustle that included a competition BBQ team. I had to bring by best when talking these up.

Step 4

Cook in the instant pot on manual high pressure for 22-25 minutes. Line a large baking sheet with tin foil and get ready for a mess.

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I ended up impressing the interviewer asking about my rib recipe and got the job! This is exactly why it pays to put hobbies on your website and resume. Our company BBQ team ended up winning...

Step 5

Generously slather the ribs in your favorite sauce (get the ends of the bones, too). Sweeter ones work better. You'll see why. Broil in the oven until the sauce caramelizes and starts to burn. Serve and enjoy.

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Our company's team won 3rd in chicken and 5th in brisket. Not bad for first time Georgians in an Austin, TX competition. They overnighted the ribs back to our main office so my whole first week's lunch included award-winning BBQ.

Up Next: Salmon Burgers

This one wins over the pickiest eaters.

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